Presented by:

David Thompson

from Spritely Institute

David Thompson is a software engineer and free and open source software advocate who enjoys writing software at every level of the stack. He is currently the Core Infrastructure Architect at the Spritely Institute. Prior to Spritely, David was a DevOps engineer and full-stack web developer for Vista Higher Learning where he worked on everything from product feature implementation to production infrastructure automation. He is also a former web developer for the Free Software Foundation, has made numerous contributions to free software projects such as Guile and Guix, and has built his own game development and web development tools in Scheme.

Robin Templeton

from Spritely Institute

Robin Templeton is a free software advocate who enjoys working on compilers, programming language design, and exploring system architecture. Their enduring fascination with Lisp environments and distributed object capability secure programming naturally lead them to an interest in the Spritely Institute, where they currently work as a compiler engineer focused on the Guile Hoot project.

Robin's previous work spans working on compilers at Igalia (including building the JavaScript BigInt implementation in Firefox, used by millions of users every day), building a variant of GNU Emacs which runs on top of GNU Guile, working on game development tools for Tech Drone, and volunteering for (including nine years serving on the board of directors).

If given the opportunity and interest, they will bless an interested listener with a treasure trove of obscure Lisp history.

Guile Hoot is a free and open source WebAssembly toolchain and Scheme compiler that is opening doors for all programming languages to run within the web browser. The Guile Hoot project is being developed by the Spritely Institute, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, as part of its mission to build the next generation of decentralized infrastructure for networked communities.

In this talk, we'll cover:

  • What is WebAssembly and why is it important?
  • What is Guile Hoot and what makes it special compared to other WebAssembly projects?
  • How does building a Scheme compiler help other programming languages such as Python and Ruby?
  • How does Guile Hoot fit into the Spritely Institute's mission?
  • How can I get involved in this effort?

Along the way, we will show several code examples and live demos of applications built with Guile Hoot.

2023 November 3 - 16:40
50 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2023
Languages and Tools

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