Presented by:

Oscar Baechler

from Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Oscar Baechler is a CG generalist, painter, photographer, open source advocate, and community organizer who teaches at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. He’s published a number of mobile games with a Blender pipeline, and created animation for clients big and small. Oscar runs the Seattle Blender User Group and Ballard Life Drawing Co-op, and has presented on CGI at SIGGRAPH, LinuxFest Northwest, the Blender Conference, OSCON, Usenix LISA, SeaGL, SIX, WACC and others.

The 3D animation suite Blender is the greatest software in the history of the world, so how come you haven't started learning it? Quit being a goober and check out this intro to Blender that will rip off the band-aid of beginner mistakes and start the journey of your 3D animation dreams. We'll start with an introductory guide to your first 30 minutes in Blender, then crank up the voltage with extreme projects to fill your mind with unbelievable possibilities.

2023 November 3 - 16:40
50 min
Room 1
SeaGL 2023
Performance Art

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