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Aeva is an open source developer & advocate who has been building distributed linux-based systems since '99. After helping to create OpenStack and seeing the rise of Machine Learning, Aeva has become more vocal about the societal impact of technology. When not traveling to speak at conferences or go to music festivals, they can be found at home in the rainy Pacific Northwest or camping in the mountains.

Twitter: @AevaVoom

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During the last two years, in response to new laws like FOSTA and under pressure from current politics, our major digital communication platforms (such as Facebook and Google) have begun to remove content from marginalized communities and ban users for speaking up. Posts get deleted automatically by bots, users get shadowbanned for talking about trans rights, and even emails between friends are being hidden when Google detects "objectionable content" in them.

Join me for a hands on workshop and learn how to put power back into the hands of local communities and break free from central platforms and their censorship. You too can (easily and inexpensively) run your own private infrastructure for email, chat, calendar and social media - and join a growing movement to re-de-centralize the internet!

If you'd like to follow along, come prepared with a laptop and a VPS or miniserver (raspi, nuc, or similar), ready to receive a new operating system. We will deploy a streamlined debian-variant operating system, though most work will be done through a web interface; you do not need significant Linux sysadmin experience.

2019 November 15 - 10:45
50 min
Room 2
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Yes (Registered: 1/20)

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