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Bri Hatch

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Bri Hatch is Chief Hacker at Onsight, Inc. An adamant Open Source advocate and security buff, Bri is the author of Hacking Linux Exposed, Building Linux VPNs, and numerous online articles on the topics of Linux, security, and coding. He has been securing and breaking into systems since before he traded in his Apple II+ for his first Unix system.

HTTP, first defined in 1991, has undergone radical change since it was created by Tim Berners-Lee in the days of dialup. We'll cover the notable problems and improvements from 0.9 up to the proposed HTTP/3 which sheds TCP entirely and implements a secure and highly performant TLS-over-UDP protocol known as QUIC.

No prior knowledge of HTTP or networking is required, but even those comfortable writing web requests at the command line will learn a thing or two.

2019 November 16 - 15:45
20 min
TALKS 3179

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