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Megan Guiney is an opensource enthusiast, ops acolyte, and college student from Portland, Oregon. She enjoys tinkering on jank old hardware and rambling at other nerds about computers in her free time. She can be found on twitter at @MeganGuiney

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Unpopular opinion: remote work may be one of the best "perks" to ever be popularized by the tech industry, but it is also one of the worst.

On one hand, it allows employers access to a more diverse pool of employees, and employees greater schedule flexibility and the ability to customize their working conditions to better fit their needs. On the other, it presents a complex and often frustrating set of challenges not present in any other working environment. For many, the added flexibility more than makes up for the additional complications that often arise from working remote.

But what if, like many, you come to realize that working remotely just doesn’t work well for you? What next?

During this session, we’ll talk about:

  • Resetting your routine to account for travel time and traditional business hours.
  • Readjusting your communication style to account for in-person collaboration
  • Relearning how to manage outside distractions typical to office life
  • Reassessing boundaries between work and life
  • Figuring out how to admit, to yourself and others, that remote work just might not be for you

2018 November 9 - 13:00
20 min
Room 3178
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2018
No experience required

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