Industry statistics show that ~57% of codebases are open source this is up from ~36% one year ago. Many applications now contain more open source than proprietary source code.

How can you determine what you can and cannot trust? Can you trust popularity, if it is popular does that make it safe? It is on the internet and everyone is using it. Does that make it safe?

This talk will give you some very simple tools and guidelines to help you decide whether to move along and keep searching.

Key takeaways

  • How to take a discerning look at the software
  • How many developers does it take to make a good project
  • How to determine if there may be security issues
  • The importance of a test suite

With these tools in your arsenal, you will understand how to choose components that should pass security muster.

2018 November 9 - 13:00
20 min
Room 3183
Security, Information Security

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