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Jaime is an experienced software developer with a focus on iOS development. He led the iOS development team at OfferUp where he helped make the buying and selling experience simpler, faster, and safer. Jaime is currently an iOS developer at Simple, where he helps make personal banking delightful. He also worked on the StoreMode™ technologies at Point Inside. Jaime often enjoys a nice cup of coffee and conversation on various topics. He is also a co-host of the More Than Just Code podcast.

Does your team deal with bugs that could have been caught earlier in the development cycle? Wish you could get the benefits of Test-driven development (TDD) but are worried that your dev team might revolt or that stakeholders will think that you're being unproductive? In this talk, we'll discuss an approach I've taken to balance the concerns of developers and stakeholders while simultaneously increasing developer productivity, increasing knowledge sharing, and reducing software defects. I've named this approach "TBD", or "Test-backed development".

2018 November 9 - 13:00
20 min
Room 3184
No experience required

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