Presented by:

Bri Hatch

from ExtraHop Networks

Bri Hatch is Chief Hacker at Onsight, Inc. An adamant Open Source advocate and security buff, Bri is the author of Hacking Linux Exposed, Building Linux VPNs, and numerous online articles on the topics of Linux, security, and coding. He has been securing and breaking into systems since before he traded in his Apple II+ for his first Unix system.

Whether your title is Production Engineering, DevOps, SRE, or IT doesn't matter. You're the lifeblood of the company, the team that invisibly makes everything work. You, my friend, carry the pager.

Join Bri as he passes on wisdom, wit, and embarrassing stories, replacing his normal code-filled presentations with humour and humiliation. You'll learn how to run a solid yet nimble production infrastructure, organize your workload, avoid burnout, and automate caffeine ingestion.

You may you end up making the same mistakes he's made, but at least you'll make them your own.

2015 October 23 - 15:00
50 min
Room 3184
SeaGL 2015

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  5. The Journey to a Successful User Group
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    2015 October 23 15:00

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  7. Software Patent Litigation: What Have We Learned?
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    2015 October 23 15:00

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