Presented by:

Jim Hall

from The FreeDOS Project

Jim Hall is an open source software developer and advocate. His first contribution to open source was in 1993, with a patch to GNU Emacs. Since then, Jim has authored, contributed to, or maintained dozens of open source projects.

In addition to writing open source software, Jim also works with usability testing in open source software.

Major projects include: FreeDOS and GNOME

To a modern audience, "Linux" and "Unix" mean pretty much the same thing. User-oriented Linux distributions provide a graphical interface with desktop applications. But Unix wasn't always like that. In this engaging virtual presentation, you'll learn about the origins of Unix, and we'll do a live demo of using Linux like it was Unix from 50 years ago. Bring your own Linux laptop and follow along! We'll use ed(1) to edit files and use nroff to write documents - and do all of it from a terminal! If you're curious about Linux and Unix history, you'll love this session.

2023 November 3 - 11:30
50 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2023
Everything Else

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