Presented by:

Jeff Silverman

from PuPPy

I got my first personal computer in 1969. From there, I have fascinated by ones and zeros, although I don't know why because if you've seen one one, you've seen them all and the zeroes are nothing to look at, either. I've worked at Boeing, Mathsoft, the UW, Real Networks, F5 Networks, Google, Sweetlabs, Impinj, Juniper Networks, Amazon, and now at AT&T.

What is REALLY going on when you hit a link HTTPS//somesite.someTLD? This is a talk for beginners who want to know more about what goes on when you access a website. I am going to very briefly mention the OSI model, and only briefly mention the TCP/IP model. Everything else I am going to talk about is going to be at layer 7 (with a digression to OSI layer 5 when discussing HTTPS and layer 3 (IP) when discussing ping).

The presentation slides

I am going to talk about HTTP, HTTPS, DNS and dig, curl and wget, and ping. I am going to discuss some failure modes.

This talk will be oriented toward newbies.

Slides can be viewed on Jeff's website or in Google Drive.

2023 November 3 - 14:50
50 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2023
Languages and Tools

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