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James Pannacciulli is a Systems Engineer whose responsibilities have included managing and developing services and platforms for thousands of machines hosting customer sites or providing internal services. He is a strong proponent of free/libre software, with other interests including natural language, entomophagy, and brewing. James has presented at SCALE, OSCON, LinuxCon Europe, LinuxFest NorthWest, and SEAGL.

Kubernetes is a complex system with an equally complex ecosystem. In this presentation, I will demonstrate with live examples each of the steps needed to host several simple sites on a self-contained Kubernetes cluster running on a small VPS server. This will include installation of the lightweight MicroK8s Kubernetes distribution and the Nginx ingress and cert-manager addons, along with the creation, tagging, and import of container images into the MicroK8s management layer. We will use declarative YAML configurations for the sites, for automated LetsEncrypt certificate provisioning and renewal, as well as for the ingress configuration. Whether looking to host your sites with a modern and robust framework, or looking to get a working cluster with moving parts quickly set up for experimentation, this presentation will detail everything needed for a straightforward setup.


2023 November 3 - 15:20
20 min
Room 3
SeaGL 2023
Systems and Platforms

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