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I have been making my living as a Software Engineering in the PNW for the past 6 years, though I have been interested in software for as far as I can remember. I believe there is room in the world for both proprietary closed-source software, as well as free and open-source software. I have a strong personal preference for the latter, however!

My goal with FOSS is to act as independently as possible in the digital era, and I believe that others should do the same.

In the presentation titled "Lessons learned from growing a Home Lab," I will introduce the concept of tech self-reliance and demonstrate its attainability for everyone. The journey of building a home lab will be explored, highlighting lessons and challenges faced along the way. The crucial steps to break free from rental fees and closed hardware limitations will be discussed, including acquiring enterprise-grade hardware from companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook, on a budget. Networking aspects such as obtaining a domain and setting up dynamic DNS will be addressed. I will also discuss my experience with various software options, such as private chat servers like Zulip, FOSS social media like Diaspora, and game servers.

Three key lessons wil be shared at the end of the presentation. Firstly, there are profound individual benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth and learning. Secondly, the benefits of a home lab extend to like-minded enthusiasts, creating a supportive community for knowledge exchange. Finally, non-technical individuals also benefit from a home lab, as it enhances their digital literacy, enables them to troubleshoot basic technical issues, and fosters a deeper understanding of technology in their everyday lives.

2023 November 3 - 10:30
50 min
Room 1
SeaGL 2023
Systems and Platforms

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