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Athan is an educator, artist and developer who has been a advocate of Free / Libre / Open Source ideals since he learned about GNU/Linux in 2015. In particular, Athan is focused on the development of accessible music technology and community. He is also a Luthier who works on microtonal guitars!

There are many parallels between the principles of Free/Libre/Openness and Sustainability but how do they relate in general? Can they exist without each other, or are they just two sides of the same coin? This talk is about reconciling ideas across these two complicated paradigms and some more simple / practical examples in which they can align very directly. It was born out of trying to repurpose and reuse materials and industrial parts on the supply side: while considering ways to incentivize the implementation of both Sustainability and FLO(SS) which, at the least, are interdependently entwined.

2023 November 3 - 10:30
20 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2023
Languages and Tools

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  1. Lessons learned from growing a Home Lab
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    2023 November 3 10:30

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