Presented by:

Cameron Bielstein

from Allen Institute for Brain Science

Cameron Bielstein is a software engineering manager at the Allen Institute for Brain Science in Seattle, Washington. He is avid software and computer science mentor, an amateur radio operator, and a developer of some very niche open source projects. He holds a Master of Science in Computer Science from The University of Texas at Austin and is a proud community college graduate. When not writing code, Cameron can be found playing with his dog, eating tacos, or sailing.

Clear documentation is an important step to encouraging contributions to your open source project. For the visual learners, a diagram can be worth a thousand words. Mermaid is an open source library for generating diagrams from human-readable markdown-style text that can be easily maintained and updated.

In this hands-on demonstration, I will discuss potential benefits of diagrams in your documentation, introduce Mermaid, and code a few example diagrams. Attendees of this demonstration should expect to learn basic Mermaid syntax and usage to add visual diagrams to their markdown documentation and how to find resources for further learning.

2023 November 4 - 11:30
20 min
Room 4
SeaGL 2023
Languages and Tools

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