Presented by:

Cyra Westmere

from Capitol Hosting Solutions, LLC

Chief Chaos Officer, High Desert Rescue Rider, Husky Momma

By day, I translate developer desires into secure and scalable infrastructure. By night I forego sleep in favor of running Capitol Hosting Solutions where I strive to offer cost effective and bulletproof hosting services for clients all over the world.

Hobbies: adventuring in the mountains, firearms, and suffering from protaganitis.

Photo of My dog, Astrid. She's Part Husky, Part Coyote. She's standing on a woodland camouflage sheet staring towards the camera, looks like she was just rendered in a 3D application.

This talk recounts the unique journey of starting a game hosting company using Linux and open source software. We challenged the popular perception that doing anything "fun" on Linux is an impossibility, and have tried to transform this narrative by sharing our tangible results and experiences. With in-depth explorations into our architecture and systems and the challenges we've faced thus far (People, Hardware, and Logistical!) The talk highlights how leveraging the capabilities of open source can create a successful, scalable, and cost-efficient game hosting environment. The "research" (many many nights spent in the datacenter, or on calls with the rest of the team) emphasizes the importance of fostering a diverse gaming ecosystem and advocating for Linux as a viable platform for gamers and professionals alike.

2023 November 4 - 11:30
20 min
Room 1
SeaGL 2023
Systems and Platforms

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