Presented by:

Kaylea Champion

from University of Washington

Kaylea Champion is a graduate student in Communication at the University of Washington with a background in systems administration and support. Her research seeks to understand how people collaborate to build amazing things, like GNU/Linux and Wikipedia. In her free time, she enjoys tromping through the hills, cooking for a crowd, and smashing goblins.

What is anonymity worth? What is lost when people who prefer or need to remain anonymous are excluded? How do platforms and communities respond to anonymity seekers? In this talk, I'll share results from a series of ten research projects to understand the reasons people seek anonymity, how and why anonymity-seekers are excluded from many online communities, and the value of leaving space for people to remain anonymous while participating. I'll conclude with an evaluation of the results of community efforts to manage participation from anonymous participants. You'll leave this talk with a series of specific steps you can take individually, in your community, and in your workplace.

2022 November 5 - 10:45
30 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2022
Security & Privacy

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