Presented by:

Deb Nicholson

from SeaGL

Deb Nicholson is a free software policy expert and a passionate community advocate. She is the General Manager at the Open Source Initiative which stewards the Open Source Definition and works to raise awareness and adoption of open source software. She is also a founding organizer of the Seattle GNU/Linux Conference, an annual event dedicated to surfacing new voices and welcoming new people to the free software community. She lives with her husband and her lucky black cat in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The best and most reliable way to grow an open source project is to get really, really good at delegating. Maybe you don't think delegating is for you? New delegators might be tempted to delegate without documenting or without providing context. Or worse to give away the things that new folks can't or don't want to do. These behaviors lead to poor outcomes and can even leave projects unwilling to delegate again.

This talk covers why you want to take the time to learn to delegate well, how to set up your delegees for success and when to start thinking about delegating. Build a bigger, better, happier open source project with this one weird trick!

2022 November 5 - 13:25
30 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2022

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    2022 November 5 13:25

    Room 1