Presented by:


Jim Hall

from The FreeDOS Project

Jim Hall is an open source software developer and advocate, probably best known as the founder and project coordinator for FreeDOS. Jim is also very active in the usability of open source software, as a mentor for usability testing in GNOME Outreachy, and as an occasional adjunct professor teaching a course on the Usability of Open Source Software. From 2016 to 2017, Jim served as a director on the GNOME Foundation Board of Directors. At work, Jim is Chief Information Officer in local government.

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The Open Source Initiative partnered with Brandeis University to deliver a series of micro courses about open source software. This Open Source Technology Management program includes several sub-topics. In early 2021, Jim taught the micro courses about Open Source Business Practices and how to Establish an Open Source Program Office.

This talk will share highlights from Open Source Business practices, including how organizations can use open source to run their business, pros and cons of licenses, and engaging with the community.

For example, a business might include open source software as part of their overall stack, such as in a Cloud offering. Or a business might include code licensed under a permissive license like BSD, to build a proprietary product. Or a business might release a proprietary product as open source software. Or they might use open source in some other way. This micro course helped people understand the issues in using or adopting open source, and how to do it right. (A key point in the course was "If you use open source to run your business, you should invest in that open source software." Don't just take; you need to contribute back.

2021 November 6 - 11:30
30 min
Room 1
SeaGL 2021

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