Presented by:

Oscar Baechler

from Lake Washington Institute of Technology

Oscar Baechler is a CG generalist, painter, photographer, open source advocate, and community organizer who teaches at Lake Washington Institute of Technology. He’s published a number of mobile games with a Blender pipeline, and created animation for clients big and small. Oscar runs the Seattle Blender User Group and Ballard Life Drawing Co-op, and has presented on CGI at SIGGRAPH, LinuxFest Northwest, the Blender Conference, OSCON, Usenix LISA, SeaGL, SIX, WACC and others.

Learn how to draw and paint in Krita, the 2D illustration program that puts brushes at the forefront of your workflow. Attendees will learn the principle workflows and conventions behind Krita, such as brushes, colors, and layers. Traditional artistic skills will also be covered, with a focus on how to draw and paint like a professional, and how Krita's interface corresponds to real world art materials. Follow along through a process demo that shows how to take a loose drawing through to a finished colored illustration. Lastly, get answers to your toughest art questions with some Q&A at the end. If you've got a tablet or stylus laptop, bring it along and join in the drawing fun!

2019 November 16 - 13:00
50 min
TALKS 3178

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