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Aaron Wolf


Aaron teaches private music lessons in Portland, OR and is otherwise an activist and advocate for Free Culture and Free Software. He is co-founder of the in-progress web platform, which aims to better encourage community patronage of freely-licensed creative works. He is also active in the Linux musicians community, helps with support and documentation for the FLOSS organizing program Task Coach, and is on the Open Definition advisory council.

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Codes of Conduct aim to promote and maintain healthy communication and communities, both online and offline. People debate what to tolerate, what to censor, and how to deal with enforcement. This talk aims to inspire more discussion and consideration for embracing the ideas of Restorative and Transformative Justice.

Restorative Justice means that in resolving any conduct violation or interpersonal conflict, we aim to restore all parties to good standing.

Transformative Justice means considering contexts such as power differentials and systemic discrimination, aiming for resolutions that bring the most positive personal and systemic changes.

These approaches give room for working through the particulars of each case. They provide structure without overly strict top-down rules or principles.

In this talk and discussion, we'll explore how we can adapt these ideas to online communities and creative projects.

2019 November 16 - 10:45
50 min
TALKS 3178
SeaGL 2019 - A Prime Year for Free Software

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