Presented by:

Rachel Kelly

from Fastly

Rachel is a Senior Datacenter Engineer at Fastly. She has been doing operations for many years and loves gaming and computers. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and her hobbies include cycling, running, hiking, and petting kitties.

Data management and control has never been more critical. Fortunately, there's never been more information on taking control over your own Stuff than today. I'd like to take an audience through the process of leaving just one of these vectors of data control, Google. That's right, replacing Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, and Google Calendar. Some tools are open, some are not. I will be both honest and enthusiastic about the challenges and the fabulous gains in proceeding down this path.

This will be a 20m talk. - Why I decided to try to greatly reduce the amount of Google in my life. - Step 1: Email & Calendar - Step 2: Maps - Step 3: Drive (files, photos, presentations)

2019 November 15 - 13:00
20 min
TALKS 3183
AI/ML/Data Privacy

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