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Vagrant Cascadian

from Reproducible Builds, Debian, Aikidev

Vagrant is a free software developer involved in the the Debian project, a system administrator for an ARM build farm for Reproducible Builds, and gets thrown around repeatedly as a hobby. You can find vagrant on social networks such as the OpenPGP web of trust and the Debian Bug Tracking system!

There is an epic journey from reviewed source code to the code you actually run on your computer, and things can go quietly wrong along the way!

We can't do absolutely everything ourselves by hand, so we necessarily put trust into something or someone along the way. Will you join us on the journey, brave adventurer?

What happens to your code as it passes through dark forests, trecherous mountain passes, or deep forboding caverns? What if something is quietly corrupting an otherwise trustworthy ally? Help showing up, but with it's own motives?

Reproducible Builds gives a project confidence that the journey from source code to binary code gets you there and back again.

2019 November 16 - 14:00
20 min
TALKS 3178

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