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Aaron Wolf


Aaron teaches private music lessons (in Oregon City and Portland prior to covid, now online via Jitsi Meet) and is otherwise an activist and advocate for Free Culture and Free Software.

He is co-founder of the in-progress fundraising platform, which aims to support widespread community patronage of freely-licensed creative works.

In 2012, an optimistic programmer convinced his friend to do something about his complaints and ideas around economic injustice and market-failures in free/libre/open (FLO) culture and software. Five years later, has a concrete vision, a global community of volunteers, and a valuable collection of writings and research about sustainable funding for FLO projects.

Still, needs further work to reach a full launch. Through that story, this talk will summarize the challenges in building a cooperative, ethical web platform and reflect on the relevant changes (both good and bad) in the overall FLO ecosystem over the past five years.

2017 October 7 - 13:00
20 min
Room 5104
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    2017 October 7 13:00

    Room 3199