Presented by:

John SJ Anderson

from Infinity Interactive

John is the VP of Technology for Infinity Interactive, a technology consultancy and bespoke software development shop. When he's not madly trying to keep up with the pace of change in Javascript development, maintaining Perl modules, or tweaking his Emacs config, he likes to play around with new languages like Swift and Rust and write about himself in the third person.

When learning a new language, some folks prefer to read the language documentation, or work through simple exercises like you might find on -- but I prefer to have something more like an actual project. I find that holds my focus a little better, and that I do a better job of absorbing the new language syntax and features if I'm using them for something real.

In this talk, I'm going to outline why writing a static website generator is the perfect task for this sort of language learning project. I'll cover the code you'll need to write in order to develop a simple template-based website generation system, and show how this particular project actually manages to hit all the points you need to understand to claim basic understanding of a language.

2017 October 7 - 13:30
20 min
Room 5104

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