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der.hans is the founder of the Free Software Stammtisch, chairman for the Phoenix Linux Users Group and a repeat speaker at SCaLE. He has vast experience in a variety of roles in software engineering and system administration including sysadmin, instructor, developer, DBA and IT manager.

In his free time he likes to camp, learn about sustainable culture and annually not set himself on fire.

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SSH is the go to tool for sysadmins and developers for interactive connections to remote machines. It creates secure, encrypted connections between computers, even across hostile networks. Unless you accept keys without verification (DON'T DO THAT!!!).

SSH can also create tunnels for encapsulating other connections, including other protocols and data. Sysadmins can bridge protocols across networks for ease of access such as a one-off data sync. Devs can present the dev database on their desktop to ease use of graphical development tools.

After attending this session, audience members will be able to create a local tunnel from client to server, a remote tunnel from server to client, and do simple analysis of local vs remote evaluation of a command. Attendees will be able to use tunnels for SSH or sample other protocols (MySQL and HTTP), and tunneling via a third party system. They will also be familiar with dynamic SOCKS proxies and using SSH to tunnel graphical applications. Finally, attendees will also learn SSH configuration and command line tips for convenience of use, including using forced command to restrict an SSH key to one purpose.

2017 October 6 - 10:45
50 min
Room 1113
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2017

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