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I am a high school student entering junior year (16 years old) who is interested in many things, and among them is GNU/Linux. I have been an avid and daily GNU/Linux user since early 2014 when I first installed Ubuntu on my desktop (now server). I don't do much programming but I take pride in my system configuration, hence why I use Arch Linux currently on my main computer. I have multiple other interests and hobbies as well, including art, dance, engineering, and design. To find more in-depth information about who I am, my current projects (and their source code if applicable), and even my contact info, then head over to

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NOTE: Presentation would be done by two people: I (Jesse Walling 'jpwall') and Matt Kelsey 'mattkelsey' with 2 years of experience of i3 between the two of them

Choosing a distribution is important, but of equal or greater importance is choosing a window manager. Your window manager defines how you interact with your system and choosing the correct one for you can drastically change the feel of the OS. Amidst the myriad of managers it can be a daunting task to find the right one. Anyone who has booted to a live CD has most likely heard of Unity, GNOME, and maybe even Cinnamon. But it is unusual to meet someone who has heard of, let alone runs, i3.

This presentation will go over: - How i3 compares to other window managers - How i3 can improve the functionality and appearance of your system - Tackling i3 setup - Making it your own - Using i3 with another desktop environment

In conclusion, it is not our intention to try to sell people on i3. Ultimately it is necessary to choose a window manager that suits your own needs. But who knows, maybe i3 is the right one for you?

2016 November 12 - 16:30
1 h
Room 3178
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2016

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