Presented by:

Jose Antonio Rey

from Ubuntu

Ubuntu Member living in Peru. Works on community advocacy around the world, as well as cloud orchestration. Author of the Official Ubuntu Book 8th and 9th editions.

Have you ever had to spend countless hours trying to install a service on the cloud? Have you tried to make your own cloud with bare metal, and spent days trying to figure out how to put the pieces together? With Juju, all of this becomes a piece of cake!

Juju is an orchestration service for the cloud, that can allow you to deploy any service on an Ubuntu machine in a matter of minutes, all backed by scripts developed by experts on each matter. No more reading long manuals, or redeploying because of a wrongly-issues command.

Even better, you'll get a start on how to enable your own services, so you can use them with Juju! This means you or your company can save countless hours on deploying your own product! Can you imagine deploying two thousand machines in fifteen minutes?

2016 November 12 - 10:45
1 h
Room 3180

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