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The SAFE Network by MaidSafe is a decentralised storage and communication platform with the values of privacy, security and freedom built into the core. By replacing the current infrastructure which depends on central servers with a fully peer-to-peer network of users sharing computer resources, we can begin to see an evolution of the Internet which values individual users above large corporate entities. The SAFE Network is censorship and surveillance resistant making use of sophisticated obfuscation and encryption schemes to enable a place for everything from anonymous, sensitive communications to public content too important to trust storing on central servers. With almost a decade of research and development behind it and a recent rewrite of the core libraries into the promising Rust language, SAFE is ready for users and developers to participate and help grow the network. Third party applications sit on top of the core stack making use of the security provided below to SAFEly store users data and route communications, reducing overall liability for developers. The SAFE Network is FOSS (GPLv3) and committed to a world where openness is not only viral but compatible with individual's needs to make a living. A network-level ecosystem will facilitate new opportunities for developers, content creators and service providers to earn from their labor. As Technology and Developer Communications Manager for MaidSafe, Paige Peterson and will talk about these various facets of the technology and how users and developers can participate in the evolution of an Internet with Secure Access For Everyone.

2015 October 23 - 14:00
50 min
Room 3178
SeaGL 2015

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