Presented by:

Jennifer Davis

from Chef

Jennifer Davis is a solutions engineer at Chef where she helps both individuals and companies simplify building and managing their infrastructure. She has spoken about DevOps, tech culture, and monitoring, and gives tutorials on a variety of technical topics. When she’s not working, she enjoys learning to make things and spending quality time with her dog.

"Once upon a time": powerful words that begin many oral narratives and indicate that the story to be told will be imbued with magic and myth. Organizational folklore can be a very powerful force for instilling or perpetuating behavior, systems, and culture within an organization.

Too often, fear and negativity are the driving forces in the folklore behind many organizational traditions. A positive narrative that embraces the customs and traditions of a healthy, balanced feedback loop can help jumpstart your DevOps journey. This talk will help you frame your narrative alongside metrics and use folklore as a catalyst for positive change.

2015 October 24 - 13:30
50 min
Room 3178
SeaGL 2015

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