Nishant Sharma is a Free Software & Libre Hardware entrepreneur. He is a Mechanical Engineer by education and has been making a living from Free Software since 2003.

He is Co-Founder & Tech Lead at Unmukti Technology, India, where he works on building Network Equipment like SD-WAN Gateways, VPN Appliances, Firewalls, Access Points, Home Edge Computing Gateways etc. These devices are branded as Hopbox. He has worked for DeepRoot Linux, an Indian VSAT ISP and a Pan-European ISP before founding Unmukti in 2010.

Nishant was lead translator for Debian Installer l10n to Hindi during 2006-07 and a OpenStreetMap volunteer mapper. He actively contributes to OpenWrt project and its packages.

These days he tries to build awareness for building network equipment and self-hosting among students and enterprise decision makers.

In the recent past, he has spoken at Swatantra 2017, Middle East College, Muscat (Feb 2019) and LibrePlanet 2019.

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