Presented by:

Jay Faulkner

from G-Research Open Source Software

Jay Faulkner has been using or building open source for two decades. He is Chair of the OpenStack Technical Committee and Project Team Lead for OpenStack Ironic. As an open source developer and leader, he believes that through working with others around the world we can solve problems and make the world better.

Trust is a crucial aspect of any open source project, as it affects the adoption, collaboration, and sustainability of the project. However, trust is not a simple concept, and it can be influenced by various factors, both community-related and technical. In this talk, we will explore the different dimensions of trust in the open source community, and how they can be assessed and improved. We will discuss how the governance, culture, and communication of a project can affect the trust of its contributors and users, as well as how the quality, reliability, and compatibility of its code can affect the trust of its dependents and integrators. We will also provide some practical guidelines on how to evaluate the trustworthiness of a project based on your own needs and expectations, and how to leverage existing resources such as Linux distributions and popular ecosystems to reduce the burden of trust evaluation. We will conclude by highlighting the importance of building and maintaining trust in the open source community, and how it can benefit both the project and its stakeholders.

2023 November 4 - 15:20
20 min
Room 4
SeaGL 2023
Community and Culture

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