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julia ferraioli

from Open Chapters, Open Source Stories

julia ferraioli is an open source strategist, researcher, and practitioner at Open Chapters, with a decade of experience in launching, managing, and optimizing open source projects at scale. Her current research centers around open source sustainability, history, and governance. Her community work includes co-leading Open Source Stories, a community-led effort with the goal of making the people of open source and their lived experiences more visible. Julia is a fierce supporter of LaTeX, the Oxford comma, and small pull requests.


from Open Source Stories

amanda casari is a researcher and engineer continuously fascinated by the difference between the systems we aim to create and the ones that emerge. Her current research focuses on risk and resilience in open source ecosystems and networks. She has been an active contributor and community member in open source for over a decade, including: organizing local community groups, filing issues, cleaning up documentation, testing fixes, moving chairs, funding conference sponsorships and stickers, and baking pies.

Open source sustainability mainly looks to past and present technology landscapes to identify where we can take concrete steps to address singular issues prompted by newsworthy events where Things Went Wrong™. What if, instead, we work backwards from The Future That Gets It Right™?

Time travel with us as we dig into open source sustainability and shift our perspectives on not just what is sustainable or what could be sustainable, but what we want to be sustainable. We'll discard our preconceptions and look into open source with a fresh perspective. Together we will explore different potential futures of open source, examine the timelines that could lead to the eventual outcomes, and see if we can sift through the open source multiverse to find the future we need to work towards today.

50 min
SeaGL 2023
Community and Culture