Presented by:

Bradley Molinaro

from ExtraHop

I'm Bradley, a Data Visualization Specialist at ExtraHop. I build interactive dashboards of our internal data for leadership across the company to use and I also help enable other folks around the company to build their own dashboards. I’ve found data visualization to be the perfect combination of my education in Statistics and passion for graphic design. In and out of work, I’m always thinking of ways to make data actionable and how to use it to make decisions easier.

More and more people are seeing data visualized every day whether it's in their weather app, Spotify's end of the year "Wrapped" report, the latest Covid-19 trends, or in their daily work. Sometimes seeing data take shape can be purely for enjoyment, but other times the stakes are higher and the data influences what choices people make as a business or in their personal lives.

How can we ensure our data is represented in a way that is easily interpreted by all?

Join this presentation to learn about how we can make data visualizations accessible to those with disabilities or to those who are just new to this. We’ll walk through high-level data visualizations tips, with a focus on accessibility, that can be used within any platform that displays data in graphical form. Let’s make sure everyone is equally able to learn from their data and put it into action!

2022 November 4 - 13:30
30 min
Room 1
SeaGL 2022

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