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I am one of the grantees of Wikimedia Foundation and working as one of the core developers of Wikimedia Commons Android Application.

I am a wikipedian and code contributor of Wikimedia projects. I believe knowledge belongs everyone, should be shared and can not be controled. I am a member of Free Software Association Turkey, defending free software, digital privacy, freedom of expression.

I am a feminist who believes the struggle for equality is as important in digital places as in physical areas. Thus, I work on projects to close the gender gap in dijital areas. Also, I am an amateur film photographer.

This talk will be based on my experience as a member of the Free Software Association in Turkey. In a local freedom movement, many local factors affect the way that advocacy should be made, such as economical disadvantages, priorities, country dynamics, and the target audience. It is not always feasible to bring software freedom to the table in a country with low digital literacy and major political conflicts. For years, we have defined the problem and come up with some possible solutions, such as inviting already politicised groups to our movement and explaining software freedom in terms of their struggles, that may help other local communities too. Additionally, the Q&A section will allow the audience to share their struggles and discuss possible solutions. The goal of this talk is to help other local communities find possible reasons for their struggles, to show that these struggles are not specific to them, to give them some ideas about possible solutions, and to be inspired by suggestions of the audience.

2022 November 4 - 09:40
30 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2022

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    2022 November 4 09:40

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