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from Red Hat Project Atomic

Josh Berkus works on Kubernetes at Red Hat's Open Source Practice Office. He also chairs the Cloud Native Computing Foundations' Governance Working Group. He lives in Portland with a librarian, an opinionated cat, and way too many books and pottery.

So, your open source project needs to adopt some kind of governance. But what kind? And are there models you can copy from? When you first contemplate governance, it seems baffling and random, but on analysis it turns out there are some great standard options and prior art. This session will help you understand, and then choose.

Based on work done by OSPOs and the CNCF Governance Working Group, we will explain:

  1. What governance really is
  2. The six types of OSS project governance
  3. Three models you can copy for your project

After this brief presentation you will be ready to start on writing or revising your own project's governance.

2021 November 6 - 13:15
30 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2021

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