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der.hans is a Free Software, technology and entrepreneurial veteran.

He's chairman of the Phoenix Linux User Group (PLUG), Open Source Careers chair for the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE), founder of the Free Software Stammtisch and Stammtisch Job Nights, and chair SeaGL's finance committee and Career Expo.

Currently, he's a database support manager at ObjectRocket. Most likely anything he says publicly was not approved by $dayjob.

Nextcloud for private, secure cloud features such as collaboration tools, Enterprise File Sync and Share and phone syncing.

Your data, your cloud.

Nextcloud integrates with Collabora Online for collaborative office suite.

In addition to the Nextcloud Talk for video calls it integrates with Big Blue Button for full classroom and meeting style video conferencing.

Nextcloud also has options like phone contact and file sync, web forms, project management and password management.

Nextcloud is used by large, enterprise organizations, but can also be self-hosted at home for personal use. There are commercial vendors that offer hosting and some Free Software organizations offer hosting as well.

Nextcloud was created to be Free Software. Using the AGPL helps ensure it will remain Free in the future.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Basic features of Nextcloud
  • Integrations with Collabora Online office suite and Big Blue Button
  • Nextcloud apps
  • Nextcloud history
  • Hosting options

2021 November 5 - 13:15
30 min
Room 3
SeaGL 2021
Virtual Life & Work

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