Presented by:

Georg Link

from Bitergia

Georg Link is an Open Source Strategist. Georg’s mission is to help open source projects, communities, and companies become more professional in their use of metrics and analytics. Georg cofounded the Linux Foundation CHAOSS Project to advance analytics and metrics for open source project health. Georg has 15 years of experience as an active contributor to several open source projects and has presented on open source topics at 20+ conferences. As the Director of Sales at Bitergia, Georg helps organizations and communities obtain professional metrics and analytics to solve their business needs effectively and efficiently. In his spare time, Georg enjoys reading fiction and hot air ballooning.

Each community is different and therefore requires different metrics for data-driven decisions about building and supporting it. The CHAOSS Project was started to help understand open source communities through metrics. We have had many conversations and realized that everyone cares about a different aspect of the community. This talk will share what we have learned in the CHAOSS Project about having metrics for open source communities. Once the right metrics have been decided on, challenges need to be overcome, both technical and organizational challenges. Finally, this talk will share real-world examples of how open source community metrics have been used to help build and support open source communities.

2021 November 5 - 15:30
30 min
Room 3
SeaGL 2021

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