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Aeva is a queer and non-binary geek, a lifelong student of the buddha dharma, a consent advocate, an aspiring author, and a regular speaker at both #InfoSec and #OpenSource conferences and meetups around the world. In addition to their technical work, they are committed to improving diversity and inclusion in the tech industry, and advocating for digital privacy rights.

Someone once said that "a cloud is just someone else's computer", implying that you're trusting that "someone" with your data. You also trust them in ways you may not even realize: to patch their infrastructure against the latest threats, to keep your data in the right country, and to only access it in legally compliant ways.

What if you didn't have to trust them? What if you could audit the integrity of their systems at any time, isolate your work from cloud admins, and guarantee your data is processed only when and where you want? Sounds good, right?

With new hardware coming online in all major cloud providers, Confidential Computing promises to alter the trust relationship between cloud provider and consumer. However, the tech stack is still young, and it is not integrated in cloud-native scenarios (containers) yet.

In this session, Aeva Black will present a vision towards this goal, introduce a few open source projects which facilitate it, and point interested developers towards community-led projects actively working on building this technology.

2021 November 6 - 11:30
30 min
Room 3
SeaGL 2021