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Human. Problem-solver. Friend. Tinkerer. Aikido practitioner. Idealist (within reason). Aspiring imperfectionist. Musician.

Co-founder at Maintainer of Red Moon; contributor to the F-Droid ecosystem. GNU/Linux user and FLOSS advocate since 2010.

Programmer ("Software Engineer") looking for work near Queens, NYC (or remote). Contact:

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The Free Software movement's ideals are egalitarian. We aim to bring the benefits of computing freedom to all users. However, we often overlook an uncomfortable inequality: Software Freedom disproportionately empowers programmers and those wealthy enough to hire them.

For today's average "end users", freedomware leaves them with basically the same options as proprietary freeware: use it as-is, or politely ask the developer and hope for the best. In my opinion, this is a key reason why it's difficult to convince the wider public to care; it's why Software Freedom largely remains a movement by and for programmers.

In this talk, I'll argue that:

  • Programming education policy is the most important area for Software Freedom advocacy.

  • Designing for "nontechnical users" is an existential threat to Free Software.

  • Scriptable interfaces are a great way to make software more accessible to tech-illiterate users.

2021 November 6 - 15:30
30 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2021
Tech Culture

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