Presented by:

Elijah C. Voigt

from CloudBolt Software

Elijah has been a Linux Users Group President, is a Software Developer at the OSU OSL, and has given talks internationally! He currently works as a software dev at CloudBolt Software writing Django.

In this talk we will write a small game in Rust using the Amethyst game engine. You will learn about Rust as well as some basic game programming principles like the Entity, Component, System (ECS). You will not need prior experience with games programming, Rust, nor Amethyst, but a passing familiarity with Rust will give you a head start.

Game's industry software is largely dominated by C and C++. These languages are fast and productive, but they can also be buggy and prone to catastrophic programming errors.

Enter: the Rust Programming Language. Rust is a safe yet powerful systems programming language. Rust looks and acts a lot like C++, but guarantees safety from pesky memory bugs that countless RFCs have been written about.

Rust's safety is most critical in device drivers and life support software, where a crash can mean life and death, but we can also use it to make games?

Enter: the Amethyst Game Engine. Amethyst is a fully open source game engine written in Rust. Amethyst provides tools for writing 2D and 3D games and implements many industry standards like an ECS framework, and data-driven design. Not sure what those works mean? Come find out!

2020 November 13 - 14:00
30 min
Room 2
SeaGL 2020

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    2020 November 13 14:00

    Room 1