Presented by:

Nočnica Mellifera

from SigNoz

Nočnica is a dev advocate specializing in cloud applications, serverless, and containerization. She writes regularly for The New Stack and has been published in Information Age and Forbes. She blogs on, streams LinkedIn and YouTube, and spends her weekends caring for her dozens of houseplants.

Observability is a very popular buzzword for measuring your system's performance, and vendors are extremely excited to sell you tools that will grant meaningful insight to performance problems.

But real observability isn't a product you can buy in a box, it's about truly understanding your system, reducing the number of 'black box' components in your stack, and quickly finding the cause of problems.

I'll show you how tools like Grafana and Prometheus can make it easy to measure your stack.

2020 November 14 - 15:30
30 min
Room 3
SeaGL 2020

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