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Flynn Liu is a mathematics student from the University of Washington. While he is struggling with Real Analysis proofs, Flynn likes writing programs in Python using his Linear Algebra knowledge -- he has implemented an LSTM from scratch, and figured out how to train it using the Genetic Algorithm. He is interested in Discrete Math and Abstract Algebra.

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From tab-based indentation to automatic variables, Makefile never fails to surprise us with its exotic syntax. Besides its pitfalls, Makefile is a powerful template system that allows you to generate self-expanding code, thanks to a mechanism called lazy variables, paired with the ability to define multi-line macros. In this talk, we will explore these lesser-known features and see what we can do with them. Some basic knowledge of the Linux command line is assumed.

To familiarize ourselves with Makefile, we will first write the build script for a sample C project. Then, we will go over variables, lazy variables and function calls. I will test your understanding with pop quizzes that are just fun multiple choice questions, so that you won't get lost as we move on to advanced concepts. Lastly, I will introduce you to the "LaTeX-like" multi-line macros, a feature that enables us to abstract away low-level details and describe complicated receipts through high-level processes. I will build a Chicken Scheme project using multi-line macros. Some tips and tricks for debugging your macros will also be covered.

(Slides) (Chicken Scheme Makefile)

2019 November 15 - 15:45
20 min
TALKS 3180
SeaGL 2019 - A Prime Year for Free Software

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