Presented by:

Tameika Reed

from Women in Linux

Tameika founded Women In Linux out of frustration that there were no other women or women of color represented at the workplace or tech events. Tameika is a self-taught Linux Administrator since 2000. She has provided countless of hours to helping others get started in Linux. She has spoken at conferences such as OSCON on Diversity in Education, Women In Linux Conference on various topics, and LISA on a Plenary Panel: “Scaling Talent: Attracting and Retaining a Diverse Workforce”. Since the the creation of Women In Linux, Tameika has inspired countless of women, men, and children to succeed in tech as well as in their perspective fields. She continues to explore outside the norm of just Linux by introducing Hyperledger, Kubernetes, Microservices, and High Performance Computing.

Most of the system admins of the past started with being the only IT person and team. So the knowledge level of seeing the overall architecture and need for growth just a part of the everyday thought process. What was not really both forth was you were doing System Architecture just on small level. What happens as the team grows? You not only have you to worry about but others and their roles.

The mental mind shift is how do the following:

  • Move from a single mindset to a multi-talented team
  • How to build your team on a daily basis
  • How to preserve your tech skills and continue to grow
  • Are you your worst enemy?

2018 November 10 - 10:00
25 min