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Lyz is a Systems Engineer and Developer Advocate active in DevOps and containerization communities. Previously, she spent four years as a systems engineer on the OpenStack Infrastructure team and six years on the Ubuntu Community Council. She is the author of Common OpenStack Deployments and The Official Ubuntu Book, 8th and 9th Editions. At home in the San Francisco bay area, she sits on the Board of Directors for Partimus, a non-profit providing Linux-based computers to learning facilities in need.

The open source software ecosystem has seen major changes since the term "open source" was coined and adopted 20 years ago. The scale and complexity of open source projects have increased, professional development practices like software testing at the project level have been introduced, and the infusion of money into development has created a different landscape for contributors and companies.

In this modern world of open source software with the tremendous success in terms of adoption and business investment, is there still a place for individual open source enthusiasts?

2018 November 9 - 09:30
25 min