Presented by:

Lyndsey Padget

from Longplay Software

Lyndsey Padget is the founder of Longplay Software in Kansas City. As a full stack developer with over 14 years of software and web development experience at both mega-corporations and startups, she enjoys sharing in-depth knowledge on topics such as microservices & REST, git & release management, MEAN stack development, test-driven development, agile & kanban, healthy teams & individuals, public speaking, and more. Lyndsey is involved in local organizations that encourage women, young and old, to explore careers in math and science. She believes that the difference between a decent software engineer and a great one often has little to do with code.

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Git. It can be intimidating if you're accustomed to other kinds of source control management. Even if you're already using it and comfortable with the basics, situations can arise where you wish you understood it better. Developers often just want to write code and tell everyone else to take a hike, but the reality is that most of us work on teams where the feature-based code we write must be integrated, tested, and ultimately released. This session will cover the most critical git concepts, basic and advanced, in a completely visualized way. At the same time, you’ll pick up git terminal commands to help you understand (or even eliminate) a git GUI you already use. Go beyond the basics to learn how to get yourself out of a git pickle, practical release management strategies, and more.

2018 November 10 - 16:30
50 min
Room 3184
Systems, sysadmin, ops, DevOps
No experience required

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