Presented by:

Christina Zhu

from Amazon

Christina is a Senior Developer Advocate, a hackNY Fellow, a mentor at Girls Who Code, and the Co-Founder of HackDavis. She has previously worked in Developer Experience at Square and at Amazon and has been awarded with the F8 Scholarship by Facebook, Grace Hopper Scholar by Anita Borg Institute, and the Engineering Diversity Scholar by Box, among others. In the future, she plans on speaking at as many conferences as possible, and advocating for mental health in the tech field!

The history of programming is filled with examples of how even the most regular developers discovered how to use their skills to transform the world. With big data, machine learning, and thousands of tutorials at every developer’s fingertips, it is easier than ever to go help causes that we care about. We’ll journey through some incredible projects that were actually very simple ideas that impacted the world, including ones that have secured democracy, allowed transparency in the pharmaceutical industry, and how they were created with all the technology they used. We'll also have a short discussion on developer ethics and what it truly means to be an engineer in today's society and what moral obligation engineers have to create for the greater good.

Then, we will learn about resources that you can use to get started on a project that you care about. I will give examples on how to get free domain names, hosting, and support for your new social good side project and how you can get involved in the social good x tech open source community.

2018 November 9 - 16:00
20 min
Room 3179
No experience required

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