Presented by:

Ben Kero

from Ormuco Cloud

Ben is a long-time Linux systems engineer and hacker who focuses on Devops topics, embedded Linux, and free software advocate.

Previously he has held positions designing and administering systems at the OSU Open Source Lab, Mozilla, and Red Hat. He specializes in Linux systems, configuration management, and continuous integration.

When he is not deploying and testing new computers he is riding his homemade electric bike, tuning the free software computer in his car, or rebuilding old ThinkPads.

Containers are an increasingly common tool everywhere. They're used in the software development process, debugging, and in production services. As a Linux desktop user you can similarly benefit from technologies built with containers. Like virtual machines they will enable you to install apps, test out a new Linux distro, or simply learn how containers work.

This talk is geared towards users of desktop Linux who have had basic experience with the command-line. It will cover how they can easily explore container technologies such as LXD, Docker, and rkt to try out new technologies, build packages, and run old programs.

By the end of the talk everyone will be able to understand the differences between container technologies, launching and stopping containers, exposing services run inside containers, and creating new containers using Docker.

2017 October 7 - 10:45
50 min
Room 1113

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