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Susan Harris (

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Human beings have evolved to recognise patterns: In weather, in plants, in stellar movements. We do this intuitively to make order out of the abstract. Patterns are so ingrained that, even without knowing, we imbue patterns in everything we create - to make order out of what would otherwise be chaos.

In this talk I’ll use music and rhythm to introduce you to the power of patterns and how they affect your thinking and the software you build and use. There will be a brief demo, and then the audience and I will create a Balinese Monkey Chant together to demonstrate how simple patterns interweave to make more complex creations and how you can apply this thinking to software development.

You’ll learn:

  • The shared pattern characteristics of music and software.

  • How simple patterns layer into complex creations.

  • Balinese Monkey music is fun.

2017 October 7 - 14:00
50 min
Room 3187
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2017
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