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Mariah Noelle (

from Libre Learn Lab

My main interest is helping organizations design inclusive learning environments for young people. From building and organizing within several informal learning communities throughout the U.S. and internationally, I've developed toolsets and guides for a range of out-of-school time programs while conducting independent analysis on best practices in the field with an emphasis on using free software. To provide this and to guide my practice in empathy, I constantly challenge myself to learn more about social issues and youth development combined with research in learning science.

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Respecting and encouraging youth agency as an integral part of the free software movement is pertinent to our advancement. Plenty of civic participation opportunities exist for young people, so let's explore how we can provide an inclusive space for them that is worth their time. Providing an introduction to youth development, this talk will explore how to initiate positive engagement and retention of young people with examples of existing communities doing this well and tips on how to do this in your organization. We collectively have the resources and capacity to engage these budding activists meaningfully, so let’s do it already.

This talk will feature a diverse group of young people’s voices on how they would like to engage with us.

2017 October 6 - 10:45
50 min
Room 3178
Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 2017

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