Presented by:

Liam Newman

from CloudBees Inc.

Liam Newman has spent the majority of his software engineering career implementing Continuous Integration systems at companies big and small.  He is a Jenkins project contributor and an expert in Jenkins Pipeline, both Scripted and Declarative. When not at work, he enjoys testing gravity by doing Aikido.

Creating and leading an open source project can be both rewarding and frustrating. It is rewarding to see the project grow and people contribute, but it can become frustrating and burdensome when your side-project comes to dominate your free time. If you're fortunate, you might be employed to work full-time on your open source project or even start a company around the project; then what? What is your new relationship "with the community?" How do you balance the motivations of various contributors, yourself included, within the project?

In this talk we'll look at the history of the Jenkins project, from its origins as a side-project at Sun Microsystems to the growth of the project and on to the relationship with CloudBees, Inc. We'll look at what has and, perhaps more importantly, what hasn't worked well as CloudBees has grown in tandem with the Jenkins project. We will examine the evolving cultural dynamics of the project and the challenges of wearing two hats: corporate and open source.

2017 October 6 - 16:30
50 min
Room 5104

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